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pen ink well goldWhat's New in the World of Diving  ... a note from Dom

With the recent flurry of diving world news we're having a tough time keeping up  .... especially as we were revamping this section of the website !   However, we've now caught up with bringing you info on the newest liveaboards & destinations.  As always, we've included some news about our seas.   I hope you'll find something here to whet your whistle and get you out there diving !

Solomons PNG Master

Plenty of space, strong and stable for the crossing

Solomons PNG Master is a custom designed diving vessel with 12 cabins accommodating up to 20 guests and a crew of 12 including your dive team, skipper, boat crew and chefs.

For your leisure hours, you can hang out in the huge lounge and dining area with DVDs & a large TV for entertainment.  There is also a dedicated camera area for photographers so you can work with and share your artistry !  Ample exterior deck space completes the lounging facilities.

Solomons PNG Master interior set opt

World-class diving

Diving is classic Solomons and Papua New Guinea, which translates to something of nearly everything.  In these waters you have some simply astonishing critter diving, masses of healthy and wildly colorful corals, reef fish galore ... plus plenty of sites which drop off into the blue, meaning large schools of pelagic fish, rays and sharks.  


The "Solomonns PNG Navigator", an annual trek planned from northern Solomons to Papua New Guinea, will be largely exploratory in nature and filled with excitement & adventure.  See more info about this trip on our Destinations page ....

  • Best of Solomons (10 nights)
  • Taste of Solomons (7 nights)
  • Solomons Wreck Week (one per year)
  • Guadalcanal to Western Province (Honiara to Munda, Solomons)
  • Solomons to PNG transit trip (Munda, Solomons to Rabaul, PNG)
  • New Britain, PNG
  • New Hanover, PNG
  • PNG to Western Province, Solomons transit trip (Rabaul to Munda)
  • Western Province to Guadalcanal (Munda to Honiara)

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