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pen ink well goldWhat's New in the World of Diving  ... a note from Dom

With the recent flurry of diving world news we're having a tough time keeping up  .... especially as we were revamping this section of the website !   However, we've now caught up with bringing you info on the newest liveaboards & destinations.  As always, we've included some news about our seas.   I hope you'll find something here to whet your whistle and get you out there diving !

UN Signals End of Throw-away Plastic

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The end of the era of throwaway plastic has been signalled by UN environment ministers meeting in Kenya.
They signed off a document stating that the flow of plastic into the ocean must be stopped.

Scientists welcomed the statement, but were unhappy the agreement was only based in principle, with no firm targets or timetables.  Ministers say it's a milestone because it shows governments, industry and the public that a major change is needed.

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Great Barrier Reef: scientists identify potential life support system

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Researchers say ‘source reefs’ could produce larvae and help repair damage by bleaching and starfish. 
A group of “source” reefs have been identified that could form the basis of a life support system for the Great Barrier Reef, helping repair damage by bleaching, starfish and other disturbances.

Researchers from the University of Queensland, CSIRO, Australian Institute of Marine Science and the University of Sheffield searched the Great Barrier Reef for ideal areas that could potentially produce larvae and support the recovery of other damaged reefs.

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Solutions for saving the Great Barrier Reef ?

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One of the world’s seven natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef contains some 900 islands and 3,000 smaller reefs.   It is larger than the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland combined, home to around 10% of the world’s marine fish, over 200 bird species and countless other animals, including turtles and dolphins.  But this iconic reef system is facing unprecedented threats. Together with governments, scientists are playing a key role in the battle to preserve this vulnerable ecosystem before it’s too late.

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What Jaws Got Wrong

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Contrary to what popular movies like Jaws would have audiences believe, marine ecologist Neil Hammerschlag says that sharks pose only a very small risk to humans.  
In fact, we're much more of a threat to sharks than they are to us. Hammerschlag estimates that 100 million sharks are killed every year, which, he says, is "not good for the functioning of marine ecosystems.".

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Scientists Learn that Sperm Whales Speak in Dialect

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Near the Caribbean island of Dominica, there is one group of sperm whales that has interested researchers for over a decade.

Like others in their species, they have complex social lives. But what makes this particular group special is that they live in small family units, allowing researchers to quickly identify individual whales.

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The Bizarre Look of a Hammerhead Shark

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Why do hammerhead sharks look that way ?

Their oddly-shaped heads could help them swim, or improve their vision, or any of a host of other things.

Reputation: The hammer-shaped head of hammerhead sharks improves their swimming performance. Or maybe it helps them handle prey. Perhaps it's all about binocular vision. Or could it have something to do with enhancing the detection of electrical signals or smells?

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